Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I've been down sick with the flu or cold or whatever is going around Northern California.  Knocked me out for a few weeks, now I'm just dodging bronchitis or pneumonia.  So, updates are late and time with the horses has been minimal.  Yea for teenagers.

Tomas was out, so the boys all were trimmed.  Glad that is out of the way, but we didn't get photos taken as planned.  The guys are still down here near the house (may summer here as they can't jump out!), so we'll get photo's taken.  My outstanding paperwork is really bugging me so - good, bad or indifferent the photos are being taken and submitted!

I know I mentioned the website will be moving to a new host in the next month, so it will be down for about a week.  I will be posting updates here and the sales list can be emailed to anyone in need during that time.
Two down, couple more to go....

Ringo's boys are growing up (very few photos taken of #2 as I was down with the flu) but here is Kiega and little brother (the name Bruiser keeps roaming through my head) out in the field.
Carbon copy or what?  Matched blue roan driving team - rofl!!!   Actually they look more alike than in person, give Bruiser a few weeks to catch up to Kiega and they'll be hard to tell apart!

Now that he's a few weeks old LeeLee has stopped hovering and he's off with Kiega playing most of the day.


Baybee is on deck and with no cover date, we're watching her progress daily.  Not much of a bag but the foal is definitely getting into position.  Maiden mare, hope she won't be a hysterical one.

She's been in with ET since Kiega was little and watched Bruiser from birth so hopefully something has been absorped!  Baybee (Wesco Farms LM Buena Babyee Blues) is Callita's only daughter she had for me, lots of boys but very few daughters, so Baybee is definitely on my short list!

Although, I still kick myself for not calling Baybee - Got Milk.  Love her blue eyes and she has her sire's (Grosshill's Littlemans Anticipation) generous mane.

So, April will be mare watch and paperwork fun!  I know I have some outstanding phone calls to return, and need to get on that now that I have a voice again!

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