Monday, June 27, 2011

What's with this weather?

It's been so all over the board, you really don't know what to expect. We did hit 102 last week, and now possibly rain tomorrow?  Then hot again?

I seriously believe this is what is 'screwing up' breeding this year and the oddly late foals so many of us have had this year.  Nature seems out of sorts.

Something I noticed which had me wondering is our frogs.  We have an abundance of very loud tiny frogs and this year they've been stuck in the tadpole stage for over a month.  It has to be the odd weather.  That's what I think at least.

Breeding season ended - yeah.  All the horses are back where they normally live and calm prevails again.  We did separate the stallions into two groups, so Ringo, Demon and Miramax are in one, while Jelly (Dance), Topper and the four yearlings are in another.  Everyone is much happier, especially the ones not in with Demon and Miramax.

Hollywood is still visiting for awhile.  The poor guy though is in solitary confinement as he's so thin.  We have him on free choice alfalfa and grain, but it's going to take a bit of time for him to put back on the weight he dropped.  He's not a happy camper, so we're hoping he'll be bored and eat!

We did 'lose' a few horses last week, as Dazzle, Gemini, Baroness and Bre went off to their new homes.  I'm very happy with the places they've gone to, and hope they'll be 'lifers'!  Here's a photo fo Gemini, Baroness and Bre meeting their new herd mates.

I am in the process of moving this Blog to WordPress.  It will be associated directly with our website, and allow more flexibility in the design and maintenance.  I will be copying all the old archived posts, but will leave this one up as well.  Just an FYI!  If you're new to blogging though, I would highly recommend blogger (from Google) as it is very easy to use and set up.

As a warning - the next blog post will be a rant!  The past couple month's I've had to deal with a 'friend' as a buyer.  The 'deal' with this person went south really quickly, of course, of no fault of her own.  I won't mention names, but what a pain this has been.  This woman lost two friends over this (she didn't just screw with me), so I will be posting what I did learn from it and why I won't make the mistake again - I hope!

Stay cool and dry?  Rain in July - wow!!!

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