Monday, June 13, 2011

Horse Expo and stuff

So this past weekend was the Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento.  It seemed a tad subdued this year, but this could be from the economy or the worry over EHV-1 or both.

The weather was great fortunately, and it was nice to go check out all the new horse stuff, but I was thoroughly disappointed in the lack of Mini anything!

Sierra Ranch was there with a few of the NorCal members representing Miniature Horses, but other than that, NO MINI STUFF!!!

None of the vendors had Mini anything, other than a Mini poop rake.  It bugs me that none of the vendors  even carry a single Mini halter or harness. Anything?  I've been telling people that attend these events we really need to let the Expo know - we may have Minis, but we are darn serious about them as a breed!  We'd like them to share this with their vendors too!

So, I'm encouraging everyone that attended the Expo (or may in the future!) to write them and ask they pass the message along to their Vendors - Minis are horses and we do buy stuff!!!!

On a good note, I've sold a couple more horses (yeah), and met some great people that may or may not buy, but are good to know. I've met some really great people lately, some new to Minis, others that have had them for a number of years.  It's always fantastic to get to know positive, upbeat people!

Knock on wood all the horses are staying healthy!  Woody is holding his own, after being released from solitaire, by Hollywood.  I don't know why Hollywood (stallion) wanted in with Woody, but he broke the fence to get in there, maybe he doesn't like his mares (IDK!)

We finished up what passes for breeding season in 2011 today, and turned all our mares out.  They ran the hills, happy to get away from the boys - at least that's the impression they gave!  We'll see tomorrow when there's a fence between them and they start flirting again!

The foals are doing well, Bailey's new mom came by and visited her.  So, I whipped out the camera and tried to take photos - photos of foals on the side of a hill - not a good idea!  But I did get a few not totally crappy pics -

Wesco Farms TC Ascended Allure "Bailey" 
(I've been warned she is going to be renamed, but she's Bailey for now!)

Wesco Farms TC Defiantly Different "Cricket"
(She may be on the keep list, although she's listed for sale)

Wesco Farms TC Up All Night "Jitters"

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