Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Upcoming Events

There are a few upcoming horse related events that I'm sharing, between life and life, I'm not attending too many live events, but will be watching the online ones!

AMHA Western Championship Show 

The Western Champions Show is streaming live on iEquine.com.  Show Schedule and streaming video available on the IEquine page.  July 21-24th starting at 8 a.m. PST.

Online auction

MiniHorseStreet.com is hosting a one hour dutch auction Wednesday July 20th 9 p.m. EST.  It is one hour only and will have 40 horses for sale in that time frame.  Should be interesting.  MiniHorseStreet does recommend using Mozilla Foxfire to watch the auction, so if you don't use Mozilla (I prefer Chrome but keep both on my PC), get it!  I love Thunderbird too - awesome way to get all your email in one easy to use place.

Preview Auction lots here.

MSU online classes  

Michigan State University has quite a collection of online classes (some free) that are for non-credit education.  One that I'm attending tomorrow is The Advances in Equine Genetics webcast.  It is live Wednesday, July 20 from 1pm–2pm EDT.  You do have to registered with MSU to take the classes, but it's easy and what a great way to add a bit more to the equine care toolbox!

AREA VII California Classic Show

The Area VII AMHR/ASPC California Classic Show is scheduled for July 30-31, Wilton, CA.  Pre-entry closed on the 18th, but there is still time to enter!  There are even a few non-rated (i.e. no registration required) classes on July 30th.  The show is at the Pacific Equestrian Center, Wilton. CA.  Class sponsorships are available too!!

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