Thursday, December 02, 2010

Christmas Presents Mini Books

 Pat Elder at Rosa Roca Training Stable has written a new book for us Miniature Horse lovers, making a perfect gift for Christmas!  Pat has put out some excellent books over the years and this should be no exception.  It's definitely going on my Christmas list!

Product Description
Pat Elder brings her unique teaching methods to the subject of training a halter horse in this excellent how-to book for Miniature Horse owners. Using her well-known natural and humane methods, Pat walks the reader through every step of the process. Over 90 photographs and illustration emphasize every point the author makes.

The table of contents provides a peek at what's included:
Selecting the halter horse: conformation, movement, foals as prospects, bloodlines
Basic training: dealing with disrespectful, pushy, frightened, or head-shy horses; catching the horse, leading the horse; kicking and biting, crowding
Condition: round pen work, jumping, backing, movement enhancers, neck sweats
Halter horse care: nutrition, water, housing, blanketing
Special training: setting the feet, using the neck, pricking the ears, learning patience, a flat toppling, the quick release knot; showing stallions, loading onto a trailer
Body Clipping: the head, razoring, the mane and tail, the ears
First show: show clothes, horse attire, entering the show, show supplies
Show time: preparing the stalls, measuring the horse, final preparations
The halter class: visualization, class procedures, setting up the horse, show ring etiquette

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