Monday, June 07, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday 6-7-10

Baybee foaled over the weekend.  Looks to be a Frenchie foal, so double bred Callita grand-son, with a splash of Rowdy and Buckeroo.

We're anticipating Maria and Libbe to foal this week too.  Hopefully before the summer heat really hits.

The new boy is a buckskin with blue eyes, and very cute.  Baybee our only maiden this year has taken to being a mom in a great way.  It's nice having a maiden 'get it' from the very beginning.

My elite photography skills have been at work and I've lots of butt, open mouth, closed eyes and wonky photos so far!  I'll be going out this evening to try and capture him better.


Equine High School Cliques:

Quarter Horses: Definitely jocks. Strutting around flexing those muscles, showing off their butts....yeah, jocks allright!

Thoroughbreds: Preppies. Sometimes athletes, never 'jocks'. Monogrammed blankets, leather halters, Nike eventer shoes, the latest custom trailer and tack.

Appaloosas: Could only be the stoners. They like to trip acid so they can watch their spots move.


Shetland Ponies: Frightening, spiky hairdos, snotty attitude and any color of the rainbow....gotta be PUNKS. Some even sport tattoos.

Connemaras: Gorgeous chicks with sultry eyelashes, sexy curves, devil-may-care attitudes. NOT into studying or anything to do with geometry. Great fun to be around, delightful senses of humour, and the world's best pranksters. Can usually be found in the nearest pub, entertaining the masses. Fast and easy.

Friesians: Big, buff, and always in black, they are the biker clique. Cigs hanging out of the corner of their mouths, dangerous glint in the eyes, daring anyone to cross their path.

Morgans: They're the nerdy teacher's pets, running around doing everything from yearbook to decorating the gym and ratting out the bikers, stoners and jocks. They have perpetual wedgies.

Drafts (all breeds): No real clique, they're just the big guys who sit in the back of the room and fart a lot (and then laugh). Who's going to STOP them?

Icelandics and Paso Finos: They're the little squirrely geeks who flit around a dance trying to fit in and fail miserably. The kind who wear Toughskins jeans from Sears (or would that be ripoff WeathaBeetas??).

Ahkle Tekl (Akle Takl? Ackle Tackle....!! Akhal Teke!!): Foreign exchange student(s). And no one can spell their names either.

Hackney Ponies: A breed this manic would have to be a band geek. Marching along with their knees and heads held high.....even going to the bathroom.

Warmbloods: The school staff and faculty. Looking down their noses with righteous indignation and disgust. Secretly wishing they were having half as much fun!

American Minature Horse ????  JMHO - Definitely the in crowd!

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