Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's getting hot - summer officially arrivd on Sunday - the heat is arriving now!  We're suppose to have a week of 95-100 weather.  Not my favorite.

The horses all are doing well.  

Jai Ho's eye recovered well.  He's likely going to have a small star, blind spot, but otherwise he's fine!  While he was in recovery here, Vanna and April took turns visiting him as those two are small enough to fit through any crack/crevice/hole in our fencing!  They're also the reason the babies this year are not getting their wading pool - I'm afraid they'd drown!

Looks like I may be getting a favorite mare back in exchange for one of our stallions.  A real win-win, as I'm getting a mare I've missed for a few years and the stallion is going somewher he'll be spoiled and have his own ladies.  The downside from him - he may end up a gelding as his new family has always wanted a gelding just like him - hey no stallion is to good to geld, right?

That will be another road trip in a few weeks to exchange horses.

Tomas was out on Friday.  We had 15 more mares trimmed/de-wormed.  I'm always thrilled when the whole herd is caught up.  I just cringe at long hooves.  They all need a good grooming though - we're getting some ugly looking manes out there.  Our schedule the next few weeks is a bit rugged with different events, so who knows what we'll accomplish.

Silhouette, my gaga horse, was as usual the first to get her hooves done.  She actually was standing in front of Tomas giving him the 'me first' look, so he trimmed her without a halter on - she's a true lover of any attention.  Being overindulgent with her - guess who's been in the backyard since munching on lawn, roses, peach tree leaves and her hay.  Sis is one of the few horses I've had that truly seems content away from other horses.

Sales inquiries have been a bit slow, but reading some of the sale ads online - $100-500 for registered horses in the Mid-West and it's no wonder.  Between the economy and the hay prices - our luxury items just aren't selling.  I just hope the hay prices do not escalate back up to the $17+ range like last year.   It' dry now but there is still some crispy grass out on the hill.  No one looks skinny that's for sure!

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