Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It's been about two weeks since I last wrote anything - I've been reading blogs on how to blog - scary some of the suggestions! Others make you realize you're very boring, so why bother - lol!

Oh well, soldier on!

It's hot, the grass is shriveling up, the horses are almost completely shed out (belly hair is almost gone), so they're looking sleek and shiny. Everyone's a bit chunky, except for Flash - he's proving to be the hardest to keep weight on, but no one is skinny here!!!

I finally ventured on the forums again (SHG) today. It's the first time I've been on any online horse related forum since last Fall. I definitely needed the break. Getting to cynical about some of the people in the Mini industry!

Other things -

We've had the farrier out again and he's coming again on June 5th. Hopefully we'll be caught up, as the foals need to be done.

Our fly predators are out, not seeing a drastic reduction in flies yet, but putting them out monthly should help. I want to get the fly traps up too.

We have baby pools that need to be filled for the horses to. The boys have been making their own mud wallow, as they pull the water lose from their bucket every day or so, but the mares do enjoy the afternoon squirting and rolling. If they'd only not break sprinklers - lol!!!

Another mare loss -
Sad news, we lost one of our mares, Wesco Farms Ravishing Ruby, was found dead in the a.m. when we went out to feed. She was (we thought) a healthy three year old, as she hasn't been ill, no sign of struggle/colic/nothing, in good flesh, eating the day before fine, so ?? We're at a loss as to why she died, but I don't necropsy as 9/10 they'll tell me it's inconclusive and I still have a dead horse. We just hope she didn't suffer and is in a better place now.

It is a bit weird though, usually we lose a foal to some foaling issue, dystocia, etc., but this year all were born easily and have been very robust/healthy, so odd to lose a mare.

Speaking of foaling -
We're done - yeah! Two more colts to finish out with five fillies, four colts for 2009. I'm pleased with what the stallions sired and these foals will have to fill our cute baby mode as I don't plan to breed until 2010 or 2011.

I seriously need to reduce our herd number, so can't see continuing to breed until that is accomplished. As picky as I am about selling, it will likely take two years to get the numbers down - lol! It would be nice to be able to just sell to anyone that shows up with $$, but I'm not that way. There's no guarantees on a good home, but if I get a bad vibe from a potential buyer, or the questions aren't answered, etc., it's a no go! So, it will be a slow process!

Enough of that!

The foals are doing great, I wish I had pasture cam's so I could watch them play. April, Zydeco and Vanna look like three stuffed animals cavorting about. Very cute, little shorties!

April and Zydeco

Almost forgot the new foals!!!

These two will be in the grey zone of 'who's your Daddy' as they fall in the time when Ringo jumped the fence. We DNA/PQ all foals as a matter of course anyway. It will be interesting to see who Daddy will be though!

I'm guessing Ringo on this one out of Miss (Las Doradas Miss America Pie). Her and her son are already sold and will be going to their new home Saturday, so we do not have a name for him yet. Wesco Farms fillin the blank! Handsome colt though.

This guy, based on color, I'm assuming will be a Frenchie foal. It will be interesting to see the results! Dam is Valentina (Wesco Farms Brazen Beauty Toy4Me). As Val is a bay pinto and Frenchie is a dilute/silver (we think), it's more likely he's the sire than the blue roan Ringo! As I was listening to the soundtrack of Slumdog Millionaire when thinking up names - he's got the great one of Jai Ho! That's the song they're playing at the end which loosely translates to Hallelujah (how I feel with foaling season over!), so Wesco Farms Jai Ho it is!

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